As a sports buff, basketball fanatic, and expert on all things physical, radio personality MVB, brings the energy to The EYE Test. He’s made it his mission to educate, inspire, and represent the sports world in a whole new way. As a passionate, lifelong fan, MVB holds a deep respect for the intricacies of The Game and its players. He wants his work to fuel the fire of the next generation of sportsters. A real team player, MVB gives his all in every endeavor. He knows that in life, like in sports, we’re only as good as the effort we put in.


MVB is inspired by the spirit of dedication that drives athletes to give their absolute best. His insights and analysis provide a unique perspective of the sports world, on and off the court. This self-taught commentator loves learning, and strives to continually better himself and his work. MVB’s hobbies include watching, coaching, and playing basketball. When he’s not behind the mic or hitting the court, MVB is exploring the great outdoors, or just kicking back with his family.



Iso was born May 17 1974. Started playing basketball at the age of 12. After several years of organize basketball. At the age of 32 teaming up with MVB to coach youth basketball. After shutting down the program due to lack of funding. MVB and I continue to work through PAL. Always a lover of the game of basketball, and with the fact I witness the evolution of the game since the Golden Era, made the transition to radio natural. My goal as a radio personality is to change the way people watch the game and how people view statistics.